Pork and Shiitake Congee

To make congee, a quintessential comfort food in China with many regional variations, you’ll cook rice until it breaks down and turns the liquid into a thick and creamy porridge. Since congee can take hours to make on the stovetop, recipe developer Betty Liu came up with a clever trick: Rinse the rice and freeze it overnight. The frozen rice breaks down quickly, cutting your cooking time by half. Congee is not meant to be overwhelmingly flavorful but rather delicate, nourishing, and easy to digest—it’s perfect for when you feel like crawling under a million blankets. Feel free to replace the water with stock for another layer of flavor and to go wild with the toppings, but do take care in choosing your rice: Use jasmine or a short to medium grain white rice: There needs to be enough starch so that you achieve the porridge-like consistency.

For the full story click here!

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