Photo Series: Favorite Remote Places

I love just about any travel experience, but there’s something a little extra special about traveling to hard to reach destinations. Remote places on the globe have always fascinated me and today they make me feel like a modern day adventurer. Paris, London and Berlin are all fun to visit, but any trip that involves a score of flight connections, boats or hours of overland transportation to reach my final resting stop never fails to put a big smile on my face. With that in mind, here are some photos from my favorite remote travel destinations that I’ve visited so far.

hike Antarctica
French Polynesia
Bilby sign Australia
Middle of Nowhere, Western Australia
Alta Norway
Alta, Norway
Hiko Nevada
Hiko, Nevada
Machu Picchu Peru
Franz Josef Glacier
Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand
Blue Footed Boobies
Faroe Islands
Faroe Islands
Xishuangbanna China
Xishuangbanna, China
Finnish Lapland
Fogo Island Newfoundland Canada
Fogo Island, Newfoundland Canada
Glacier Bay Alaska
Glacier Bay, Alaska

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