ETW #74 RV Vacations 101: Top Tips to Plan an Epic Road Trip

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Road trips are more popular than ever and one of the best ways to also enjoy the comforts of home is on an RV vacation. This week an RV and camping expert joins us to share everything we need to know about RVs, from renting to where to camp and even the best trips.

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I’ve long said that my favorite kind of travel experience is the classic road trip, and that’s true. I’ve hit the open road around the world, but I especially love driving here in the U.S. Since we Americans are prevented from leaving the country, many have thought (maybe for the first time) about taking an RV vacation. While it’s true I did have a campervan experience once in Australia, I can’t really say that I’ve ever tackled a proper RV trip. I’d love to though, especially after chatting with this week’s guest covering everything you need to know to enjoy a great adventure in a recreational vehicle.

This Week’s Guest

Jody Halsted is her family’s chief vacation planner and a pro at creating meals with a few Dutch Ovens and a pile of charcoal. Jody is also a freelance writer and the publisher of the web site Camping Tips for Everyone. Jody is a member of the Society of American Travel Writers, Midwest Travel Journalists Association, North American Travel Journalists Association, and the Family Travel Association.

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