ETW #78 Weird Travel – Polynesia & Tiki Culture

“Weird Travel” returns & in this episode we’re talking about all things Polynesian, from Tiki Culture to the odd Kon-Tiki Expedition. More than Mai Tais & palms, the South Pacific and all Polynesian cultures have long and unusual histories, as Patrick and Matt chat about this week.

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Weird Travel is a podcast within a podcast and my effort to chronicle and share some of travel’s fun mysteries and odd places. Helping me on this journey of discovery is Patrick Kozicky, a fellow podcaster and good friend.

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The South Pacific has captivated me for as long as I can remember and I know I’m not alone. From Gauguin to Michener, the many islands of Polynesia and the South Pacific have inspired millions and fueled the daydreams of myriad more. This week on the podcast we investigate why this part of the world has sparked so much interest, delving deep into the histories of Tiki Culture, Polynesia and Thor Heyerdahl’s very strange Kon-Tiki Expedition.

About Patrick

Patrick Kozicky lives in Minneapolis, MN. He is an Ensemble Member with DalekoArts, a theater company based in Minnesota. He is also co-host and co-producer of Gays Do the D, a Disney podcast with an LGBTQ+ point of view. He loves traveling, reading, dogs and popcorn. Passions include, volunteerism, social justice, and arts education. When he’s not busy saving the world (or at least saving the world from himself) he loves reading up on mysteries or true crime, and staying up late, watching horror movies. (with popcorn of course).

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