ETW #79 Traveling in 2020 & Beyond: Everything You Need to Know

Route 66 California

We are once again joined by Jason Cochran, Editor-in-Chief of, who shares the latest travel news and updates as many people once again start to plan trips. Knowing where and how to travel today is confusing at best, but in this episode we clear up a lot of confusion and share the latest news everyone should know.

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There have been many new developments in the world of travel lately, so to help you better understand what it all means travel expert Jason Cochran joins the program to share his expertise.

Jason Cochran, Editor-in-Chief of, is the author of “Here Lies America: Buried Agendas and Family Secrets at the Tourist Sites Where Bad History Went Down” and is co-host of the weekly Frommer Travel Show on WABC in New York City. He has twice been awarded the top honors in the Lowell Thomas Awards for travel writing and has been a regular writer for Entertainment Weekly, Travel + Leisure, USA Today and many others.

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