ETW #86 Latest Travel News & Updates with Travel Pulse

Le Meridien Bora Bora Tahiti

This week we’re talking about the latest news and trends in the travel world, from health and safety to reopenings/closings and much, much more. Eric Bowman, Managing Editor of, joins us to chat about what’s new in travel and how to best plan your next adventure.

You can listen to the podcast here on this page or on any of these services: iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher.

Chincoteague Virginia

There have been many new developments in the world of travel lately, so to help you better understand what it all means travel expert Eric Bowman joins the program to share his expertise. Just some of the topics we talk about this week include:

  • Current state of reopenings and closures
  • Holiday travel deals
  • Future of cruising and how to score great 2021/2022 deals
  • Winter travel ideas
  • Is the Boeing 737 Max safe?
  • What has the travel experience really been like in recent months?
  • Role of travel advisors today
  • How will travel change after a COVID vaccine has been widely disseminated?

Eric Bowman
Eric Bowman is the Managing Editor of TravelPulse. He loves traveling the world but currently lives in Georgia. A graduate of The University of Georgia, Eric has been working in online media, radio and TV for over a decade. Please be sure to follow him on both Twitter and Instagram.

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