ETW #101 Exploring Newly Reopened California & Disneyland

Disneyland California

Like most of the country, California recently went through the methodical reopening of most businesses and activities following strict COVID restrictions. Since California is such a great option for travel in 2021, I wanted to devote an entire episode to exploring the state with a special emphasis on Disneyland.

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This week’s guest

Jason Cochran

Jason Cochran, Editor-in-Chief of, is the author of “Here Lies America: Buried Agendas and Family Secrets at the Tourist Sites Where Bad History Went Down” (Well Hall Books) and he is co-host of the weekly Frommer Travel Show on WABC in New York City. He has twice been awarded the top honors in the Lowell Thomas Awards for travel writing and has been a regular writer for Entertainment Weekly, Travel + Leisure, USA Today and many others.

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